Digital Sofa Consultation


Online Sofa Order Consultation

Wow!  2018 has been a great year @ Harrington Galleries!

Harrington Galleries is finalizing our 2019  custom sofa online store and adding an option to assist with sofa orders online via email,  phone and in store.  Shopping on our phones has become a way of life but  large items are not always possible to fine tune remotely.
In our new program, we suggest you email photo of your living space and entrance area  to and we will help with style and size options  remotely. However, there are some  final choices that require the human experience as in texture and color or verbal discussion as in logistics.

To start this process, please forward photos of your room and entrance way to
We have some helpful steps to expedite the process to include in your email.

• Measure your wall space and how much sofa space
• If you want a sectional sofa, will the chaise it be on right ( Right Arm Facing) or left (Left Arm Facing)?
•How many flights of stairs or elevator size?
*How large are your doors, hallways and turns?
• What are your color and texture preferences?
• What are your seat firmness favorites?

Fabric and seat foam choices are still better in the store so please come and check out our floor models! is also updating our new and vintage products online.  Our new inventory will be located online and in shop but our vintage will be primarily in shop but will be updated.

We have pictured two of our fave items above with the Francis Armchair and the pair of Maple Coffee Tables . These are both contemporary items that are fun and playful in any room

After a years  of blogs and photo shoots, we have finally created a site to match our new look and mission statement at  for our sofas line. We are proud to move forward into our 52nd  year of business with a fresh new look and a place holder in the digital economy.