Our Curated Collection

We believe vintage and antique furniture provides a sustainable and renewable resource that should be regarded as a positive reinvestment for the next generation of furniture buyers. With this goal in mind, we curate our furniture purchasing and have procedures in place to better serve both our resellers and customers. Our goal is to keep our prices fair and provide an affordable and sustainable service.

Submission Process

Whether you have a small lot or an entire estate full of furniture, we can work with you to unburden yourself of unwanted furniture. For a large estate with several rooms worth of furniture, a site visit may still be scheduled. Many of our sellers have just a small lot for sale and may be out of town or in town for a short period of time.  In this case, emails sent to is the best tool. Because it is hard to make a concrete offer from photos, we have a few steps for our sellers to follow to expedite the resale process.

  1. Please submit photos of small lots with at least 5 pieces of furniture.
  2. Please include an inventory list for all items you wish to sell.
  3. Please include your asking price for the lot not by individual piece.
  4. Please include your contact info and pick up address.
  5. Please let us know your time frame for removal for sale.

After we have received your submission material, we will review your information and make an offer. Please keep in mind we are not able to intake all submissions. Our furniture purchasing needs to consider purchase price and what our customers want to buy. It is also important to consider that Harrington Galleries will purchase at wholesale prices too.

Wholesale vs Retail

Harrington Galleries purchases furniture from individuals at wholesale price with the intent to resell at retail prices. Many individuals are hoping to sell items for half or their purchase price but in reality it is best to expect much less for second hand and antique furniture as we need to resell as used furniture. When negotiating a purchase price we must consider our  labor, repair, time on floor, insurance, marketing  and other expenses. We also mark down all vintage and antique inventory in our shop 20% to insure faster sales so pieces find a good home and are reused and repurposed.

Instant Purchase vs Consignment

We find that many vintage items take longer to sell in this market and we need to be able to mark down prices at our discretion.  Therefore, we do not purchase on a traditional consignment model but on an instant purchase model and pay up front not on the condition or percentage of sale. In addition, if the lots do not sell, the cost of labor to move furniture multiple times by seller is not cost effective.