Sofa Bed 101: How to Order a Sleeper Sofa

Pull out sofa bed in living room

Sofa Bed 101: How to Order a Sleeper Sofa

Harrington Sectional Sofa with Chaise and Queen Memory Foam Sofa Bed

Sofa beds or Sleeper Sofas are one of our top sellers as well as one of the hardest items to map out with our customers. The year 2020 has revealed that the way we shop directly impacts our community and lifestyle. Harrington Galleries has sold chemical-free sofas made in California for the last eight years and are so proud to provide this service to our community in San Francisco and the Bay Area. This is a reminder to shop locally and protect the environment with a minimized carbon footprint. To learn more about avoiding chemicals in furniture check out Toxic Hot Seat on HBO

COVID 19 Update
We are hoping to provide access to furniture for our customers and neighbors working at home during this shelter-in-place order. Our sofa factory is in Los Angeles and we are still in production. All current orders are near completion and will be delivered. Moving forward under the restrictions, Harrington Galleries’ operations will shift.

•Please visit for the latest inventory and lookbooks.
•We have marked down current floor models’ sofas by 25% and vintage items by 40%.
•All new orders will go into production with a 15% price reduction
•An additional two-week delay and some fabric restrictions/removal
•We will offer free curbside delivery in San Francisco only

There are some key questions in our mission to assist customers in creating the best sofa bed style for your requirement in creating a healthy home.

1. How long is your space?
This will determine the size sofa you need: loveseat, condo, sofa, or sectional. We can fit a sofa bed to work in most styles with a few adjustments to the legs if needed. We can create a sectional or sofa in different configurations depending on your requirements. For a sectional, the chaise goes right or left when you are facing the sofa location and not sitting on sofa/location

Loveseat- twin bed – 58″-64″
Condo size – Full-size bed – 68′- 72″
Sofa – Queen size bed -76″- 86″

2. What size mattress?
Queen of Full? We can do a queen on the sofa and sofa one arm in sectionals. A full-size mattress will work well in the condo size and in a sectional with a condo sofa, We have pictured the Harrington sofa sectional with a queen-size memory foam mattress. We can also fit a twin-size bed in a loveseat or loveseat chaise sectional.

3. What sofa style is best?
Most of our sofas can be sofa beds and a few will need to be modified in the legs. Personally, I like the fitted back style sofa as it looks like a headboard when you open out the mattress. Also, the bench seat upgrade as there is only one cushion to store when the bed is out and saves space and is a more user-friendly option, The Clarion, Harrington, Jones, and Bartlett are great styles as a sofa bed with clean fitted back and no loose cushions to store. A few curved base styles like the Buena Vista are a no-go for a bed as the frame will not fit the bed mechanism

4.  What kind of mattress?
The number one question is how often will you use the sofa bed? This will help determine the mattress that is best for occasional or constant use. We recommend the innerspring pillow top for occasional use and the memory foam for weekend use and the cozy for daily use.

5.   How to price a sofa bed order?
Once we have determined your style sofa, size of the sofa, and type of mattress with any upgrades then we can price your order.  We start with the base price of the sofa and then add the base price of the mattress and then add any upgrades like higher grade fabric, denier, or down cushion and then we get the price.  There are a few variables so it is tough to get an exact equation.  The tax and delivery cost will be added to the final price.

Sofa size /style + Mattress  + Upgrades = $ Price 

Harrington 105″ Sectional pictured above
left arm facing sofa + right arm facing chaise + memory foam mattress in queen size
2000 + 1100 =$3100
Floor Model Sale $2400

Clarion pictured below
condo sofa in group 4 fabric + innerspring pillow top mattress + bench seat + down cushion
$1300 condo + $700 pillow top full bed + $150 bench seat + $300 down seat + $450 Group 4 Fabric ($150 per increase) = $2900
Floor Model Sale $2100

6. Will a sofa bed go up your stairs?
A sofa bed is heavy so you will need to make sure it fits as all sales are final with custom orders. Internal measurements to consider are the width of doorways and the size of your hallway, How many flights of stairs or elevators will also impact the functionality of installing a heavy piece of furniture? The cozy style frame is extremely heavy and will not go up flights of stairs.

Clarion Condo Sofa, Group 4 Fabric, Down Bench Seat with Full Size Innerspring Pillow Top Mattress

The Clarion pictured has all the bells and whistles an upgrade can offer. This sofa has the bench seat with the 10/90 down upgrade, The velvet fabric is upgrade to group 4. We tend to add upgrades to the floor models to showcase additions to enhance the sofa experience but the standard options are just as functional and more affordable

Cozy Mattress upgrade with between the arms option to save space

The Comfort Conversion – Your customers will no longer dread sleeping on your sofa beds or having their guests sleep on them because our mattress turns a sofa bed into a real bed in seconds. Imagine the comfort of a real bed inside a sofa and how that can change a den/home office into a bedroom and back again.

The Shift to Multi-Functional Furniture – Converts to a comfortable sofa bed with a real bed mattress in seconds. Cozy Mattress® provides the ONLY 8.5-inch* innerspring real bed mattress in a sofa bed. The mattress & mechanism are GSA tested and come with a limited 5-year warranty in North America. Retailers are once again displaying the sofa bed open on their sales floors.

Sleep Between The Arms® – The ingenious design re-orients the queen mattress into a lateral position reducing the open platform footprint by a maximum of 14 square feet^ when compared to a conventional mattress system.

Please note that the cozy can be in Queen or Full in standard shape but between the arms can only be on in a sofa/queen arrangement.

This is a very heavy and sturdy frame in the sofa so will not go up bast one flight of stairs as it is too heavy to lift.