17 Reasons Why! Shop Local & Sustainable!


 17 Reasons Why!  was a graphic design monument that crowned over the corner above Redlicks Furniture on the corner on 17th and Mission from 1930  until it shut it’s doors in 1975.  Fast forward to the 2000’s and Redlicks long closed, the sign still  remained and  the message  resonated with so many mission and city residents until one day  the monument  disappeared. However, the message still reigns and  shop local &  buy local is even more important in todays digital revolution where online shopping is more common than brick and mortar stores.  To me the sign, is a reminder of our past and what we have lost and to remind us that  small business  is the back bone and legacy of San Francisco and must  be cherished. Remember to SHOP LOCAL @ Harrington Galleries

17 Reasons To Buy a Sofa @ Harrington Galleries

Monterey 2

As many of our loyal customers know, Harrington Galleries is  also on the corner of 17th and just a block from our beloved sign.  We look at it’s modern replacement everyday and sigh! However, Harrington Galleries remains after 50 years in business and constantly evolving with the times and our customers.  We can give you 17 terrific reasons to buy a sofa from us rather than online but you can always check out our online store too!


Our set embraces our commitment to sustainable shopping with vintage mixed in with our custom sofas made in California.  Our Monterey sectional sofa is perfect for city living and available in many sizes and fabrics choices. We have also introduced out newest vendor, Imani Collective, with fiber products made by women in Africa!

Monterey Sectional Sofa Left Arm Facing Chaise & Half & Right Arm Facing Condo Sofa

                                                       dc0ef51f-c9a1-40d8-a1ce-117a84fe7fdd     Marin Life-25

So many of our clients have tight spaces and needs in small SF city units with narrow access. Harrington Galleries can help you find options to get the maximum seating in the minimum access.  For example, out Monterey sofa has a slighter deeper chaise and a half  for more space but a slightly smaller sofa.  Very often two piece sofas are easier to fit in a tight hallways and elevators and a custom option to work best for our city needs.

Imani Collective Fiber Arts and Wall Hangings from Africa Made by Women


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It started with sixteen women. Sixteen women looking for a better way to provide for their families. Sixteen women who believed they were worth more than the saturated fruit selling street markets. Sixteen women intrigued enough by Jenny’s vision to stick by her side and grow together.

The Imani Collective now employs over fifty Kenyan men + women in Mtepeni Village and Mombasa, along with half a dozen women stateside

 The Potrero Boucle Rug


Our Potrero Boucle rug is very relaxed and casual.  The rug pictured is 5×8 at $400 but can be ordered in other sizes and can be sent via UPS or Fed Ex drop ship for $450