Before and After – Room Remodel Interior Design Sectional Custom Sofa



Alemany Sectional Sofa

The rainy winter months are behind us spring and summer promise new beginnings and the inspiration to rejuvinate our lifestyle.  After a decade of indifference and a dated 30 + year old carpet, we set out to restore the vitality and utility to this room. Here we showcase our custom Alemany sectional sofa  in navy for a classic look and kept existing vintage coffee table, a beautiful antique plant stand and mixed in a modern sculpture to breath in  a new life!

Bolster Chaise + One Armed Sofa + 10/90 Down Upgrade


This Alemany sectional has all the bells and whistles of a custom sofa.   The composition of our Alemany, has a left arm facing 38″ wide bolster chaise and right arm facing 81″ wide one armed sofa for a  combined length of 119″. The bolster chaise is 85″ in length as opposed to the standarde 65″ chaise. While this display footprint is large, all custom sofa are available in other smaller dimensions and configurations.  For example, a one armed condo or love seat paired with a shorter chaise configuration may suit smaller spaces.

• Upgraded legs and structure to teak
• Upgraded seat cushions to 10/90 feather down wrap
• Bolster chaise with side cushions for extra seating

Layout for a Custom Sofa Order

Our staff at Harrington Galleries is here to assist in the store or over the phone with any logistic questions for sectional sofas!  As our team deliveries our sofas we want to make sure they fit as all custom orders are final sale.

•Additional upgrades are also available for cushion in  various density, down and hypoallergenic foam.  Accessory options include additional leg styles and colors, pillows and ottomans.

• All our custom sofas offer a  plentitude of fabric and sizes available and both foam and fabric is flame retardant chemical free. Check out the SF Department of the Environment site to learn more about the Breathe Easy campaign and the hazards of chemicals in furniture

Below we have included a s chart with size variations available for Alemany model but we have additional choices and custom dimensions available that are not pictured.

Bolster Chaise or Chaise?


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 We have featured the bolster chaise in our Alemany spring remodel project but it is also available in a standard chaise.  The bolster chaises offers additional seating with bolster cushions on the side instead of the dropped arm.  This is great if you have a large space but the standard chaise is better in smaller rooms.

Vitality and Longevity

ac452c39-9473-4ce4-92b9-26eb653887f6  Step One – Goodbye Peach

Our first order of business was to get rid of the 80’s peach stained carpet.  We knew we wanted the navy sofa so we needed to change the entire room color palette into something more contemporary.

e78b528a-4346-433c-a48b-1f732ef461c5 Step Two – Gray is Neutral!

Finding the right carpet at the right price was time consuming.  We looked at beige and decided to be daring and choose grey.  We selected a neutral grey with a blue undertone  for a more modern look to contrast with the navy blue sofa. 

3960e178-7fc2-4186-b32f-eebb39038442 Step Three – Mix + Match

Resetting the room was the fun part!  Blending the vintage and antique pieces with the new sofa and carpet was a breath of fresh air.  We tried many shapes and angles but decided to leave sofa off center.



Accessories are always last but never least!  We included some soft touches from the shop to fill out the space and add some color contrast.

• Our Charlotte linen chair is a new piece and available in a linen and taupe
• Our vintage lamp has silk shade from New Brusnwick Lamp Shades
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All rooms need some accessories to soften the edges.  We are featuring our pillows in an ombre beige and a wool pouf in a blue and white pattern.