Marin Life and the Outdoors – Spring Inspirations

cream colored sofa and ottoman in a living room with furniture and decor

Marin Life and the Outdoors – Spring Inspirations



In between showers, Spring blossoms are starting to appear and we are anxious to get  back to nature and outdoor living.  Marin County offers solace and comfort in between winter storms and  provides a unique natural habitat.  People travel from around the world to experience the wonder that is in our back yard!  From the redwoods in Muir Woods  to  the wildlife, beaches and hiking in Point Reyes, there is so much inspiration for home decor.

Mid Century Inspired Media Cabinet


Furniture changes and evolves with technology and innovation and so must Harrington Galleries.  Gone are the days of heavy, large and deep televisions and the large cabinets that hid these ugly TV sets of the past.  We are now on to low and sleek media cabinets that show off our fancy flat screens so we can lounge and watch Netflix in front of the fire on a stormy night.  We love the clean lines of this Bolinas walnut media cabinet and it is perfect in our Marin inspired set where we can waste hours binge watching our fav shows!

Inverness Sofa with Denier Cushion Upgrade


Marin was in its hay day in the 1970’s and represents bohemian and hippy culture and nostalgia for a time of personal expression and freedom.  Reminiscent of the 70’s style, our Inverness sofa has a low structure with extra soft denier hypoallergenic cushions and pillows to lounge for hours reading or in front of the flat screen.

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                                   What are denier fill cushions?
When it comes to synthetic fills, nothing comes closer to the performance of natural down than denier weightless, hypoallergenic, microfiber fills.  This cushion is a 2.0 density soft foam core insert with a 100% .8 denier microfiber filling.

So in a nut shell if you have allergies and are tempted to upgrade to a down wrap cushion,  the denier microfiber filling may be your solution.   Denier cushion upgrade has a substantial cost increase but has many advantages and the main one is that it is hypo allergenic alternative to down.

Microfiber Benefits
  • Highly insulated, virtually weightless – High performance, ultra-thin polyester filaments mimic the soft feel and insulation of down
  • Healthy and beautiful– Luxurious and hypoallergenic, microfiber fills are ideal for products aimed at allergy sensitive sleepers
  • Dry and comfortable – Made from ultra-fine microscopic fibers, microfiber clusters breath well and do not trap perspiration or moisture

Vintage Brass Coffee Table or Custom Ottoman


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Coffee tables are one of our best sellers so we try to have some interesting vintage as will as custom and new options in our inventory rotation at Harrington Galleries.  In our Marin set we have a custom ottoman with the upgraded denier cushion but standard foam or filling is available as well as many fabrics and sizes.  The second option is a  vintage brass and glass coffee table throw back to the 1970’s Marin that adds to our nostalgic look.

The Sausalito Shag Kilim Rug


Our Sausalito shag kilim rug is very retro  and bring’s us back to the 1970’s with the braided fringe and shag geometrical shapes.  The rug pictured is 5×8 at $400 but can be ordered in other sizes and can be sent via UPS or Fed Ex drop ship for $450