Origins of American Craftsman + Western Style


Arts and Crafts

Heirloom furniture and antiques are a not just a reflection of personal style but a tribute to the history of our heritage and culture.  For many years antiques have been looked over in favor of mid century modern but interior style has become more eclectic and layering periods of design is in style.

The Arts and Crafts movement originated in Britain nut the style quickly crossed over to North American and the Craftsman  or Mission movement took shape. Most often associated with The Stickley Brothers,  this furniture style has clean linear lines and usually oak with a darker stain which was a break from the fussy and ornate designs of the Italian and French Provencial designs of the precious decade.

The Craftsman  influence is recognizable in the works of Frank Lloyd Wright and many other forbearers of modern Americana design.

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While not marked Stickley,  these pieces are American treasures and reflect the Mission and Arts and Crafts style.   This small bookcase is clean and simple while the coat rack has carved designs and a more organic feel

The Society of Arts and Crafts mandate was soon expanded into a credo which read:

This Society was incorporated for the purpose of promoting artistic work in all branches of handicraft. It hopes to bring Designers and Workmen into mutually helpful relations, and to encourage workmen to execute designs of their own. It endeavors to stimulate in workmen an appreciation of the dignity and value of good design; to counteract the popular impatience of Law and Form, and the desire for over-ornamentation and specious originality. It will insist upon the necessity of sobriety and restraint, of ordered arrangement, of due regard for the relation between the form of an object and its use, and of harmony and fitness in the decoration put upon it.


Rancho Monterey


influence on what we like to call Rustic Modern or the combination of rustic wood with iron or metal  finishes,  This style really reflects California Living and the combinations of organic and forged materials we love today.

This pair of Rancho Monterey barstools reflect the curved and lines of the Cowboy Ranch style and the reed  basket weaving and a beautiful and organic contrast.


arts and crafts-12   arts and crafts-14

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