Retro Rock Look Book for 2020

Lets face the facts that The Bay Area is always in constant demographic flux and the time we grew up will always have the most impact on our memories we cherish.  As a Bay Area native, it is hard not to miss the 90’s  where you could transport as easily to a club  or venue in SF or Oakland and not worry about traffic and parking.  The Bay Bridge was an epic site and had a strong brutalist style. Sadly, it had to go after the earthquake and is now replaced by shinny and bright new bridge but it is hard not to miss the structure of our past and what that freedom meant to many of us locals.

Back then, the music scene was fluid across the  Bay Bridge from San Francisco and Oakland.  Our winter 2020 Look Book this year is inspired by some of our favorite venues and  bands around the bay in the 90s and the sense of creative freedom and space which is now lost but not forgotten. 

A denier microfiber bench seat on our Monterey loveseat gives this custom sofa  a more glamorous Retro Rock relaxed and casual fit. We have also used a jute pouf and Budapest Teak cabinet from our new vendor Nos Nos. Nos Nos is a sustainable furniture company that is based out of San Francisco and creates in Bali whose designs blend seamlessly in any of our rustic modern or retro rock sets and style! The live edge table is from Gingko Furniture who is now extended into 2020 as a mainstay in Harrington Galleries. The live edge table are always unique and different and best to see in the store as we sellout every week!


Retro rock is an effortless chic where you include a vintage table, painterly rug with your favorite abstract art or rock/music poster to create a relaxed space where creativity can reign your can foster your next great idea, song,  painting or dream.

Our Harrington sofa has been a consistent best seller for us and not just for the namesake. Here we have it pictured in the perfect condo size sectional with a both a condo size and condo return.  The condo return is 70″ instead of the standard 90″ return and makes it a much more user friendly shape for the city. The Harringon also has a slim profile which fits nicely into to tricky spaces and city apartment.  In addition, the fitted look in a sofa without back cushions in preferrable to many people who prefer a firmer and more upright shape or design.

We have also used an amazing vintage wood and resin coffee table with a glass top and the Livant  ru8 in 5x 7.7

Abstract Painterly Rugs

We have a new rug vendor and love their textures, styles and prices! An abstract painterly design was the perfect match for our retro rock inspired sets.  We love the modern yet timeless collection that adds some color and dimension to any room.

Livanto rug reads turquoise but the purple undertone gives an additional layer and depth.  Our Ruby rug has an undertone of  green with modern and abstract layers with  some beautiful earth tones.

Our rug site includes pictured sizing but please contact fort additional  sixes with drop ship available